Attn: Publishers and Authors of Fiction and Narrative Nonfiction

Looking for a professionally trained contract editor with . . .

impeccable grammar and in-depth knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style 17th ed. 

a sharp eye for details 

the ability to meet or exceed tight deadlines 

a fun, easygoing, reliable type who'll be your partner in publishing

in-house role as editor with a publisher of award-winning books

a wide variety of study in English Literature (Mythology, American & British Literature, World Literature) and Fiction Writing

. . . then look no further. 

I've been on both sides as a writer and in-house editor. I know what it's like being on the receiving end of feedback after feeling like I've invested so much of my time and energy into the manuscript.


I have also been at the desk as an in-house editor with deadlines looming over me and having different manuscripts with varying editorial needs at varying deadlines, and last minute changes. 


My experiences only made me a better editor who's become more passionate about helping authors and managing editors, as I know your needs.


My goal is to simply be the best editor possible. 

Editing isn't about imposing my preferences or opinions on your manuscript. It's about improving readability and strengthening your voice by rewriting awkward sentences, resolving structural issues, checking for consistency in word choice or punctuation.

— I.S. Guzman

First-time author? Newcomer to publishing?  Check out this Complete Guide to Finding, Hiring, Working with Editors by Chantel Hamilton. She covers it all. This helpful article will familiarize you with the industry.

Keyboard and Mouse

This is usually the next step after developmental editing. Both terms tend to be used interchangeably in the publishing industry.


Line editing can be thought of as paragraph-level editing where the emphasis is:

  • Improving: 

    • ​confusing sequences

    • pacing of a passage

    • sentences that need tightening​

  • Ensuring consistency in:

    • voice/tone

  • Avoiding

    • overused or redundant sentences or words

    • run-on sentences

    • redundancies in ideas or information

    • unnatural phrasing or dialogue 

    • passages that don’t “flow” well due to bland language or awkward sentence construction

Line Editing/Substantive Editing

$9 to 12.00 USD 

per manuscript page

Talk to Me! 

Give us a hand & start making a difference

What if you are not sure what you're looking for? 

Not a problem, I'll be happy to assess your manuscript and recommend an edit. 

Sample edits are available upon request. Please message me and let's talk about taking your manuscript to the next level. 

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