Copy Editing Gullah Days: Hilton Head Islanders Before the Bridge (1861-1956)

Line Editing Woodhouse Hall by Sara Marks

Copyediting on hardcopy Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin book 
Proofreading Flexible Product Development: Agile Hardware Development to Liberate Innovation by Preston G. Smith 

Copyediting Night of the Victorian Dead by Amber Michelle Cook 

Copyediting Close is Fine by Eliot Treichel 

Developmental Edit and Copyediting Blue Thread by Ruth Tenzer Feldman

Managing Editor of Roosevelt High School’s first published book through their Writing and Publishing Center Where the Roses Smell the Best: A Literary Companion to Portland

Copyediting Zagreb Exit South by Edo Popović

Copyediting The Weight of the Sun by Geronimo Tagatac

Copy Writing

Press Release for Cookbook 

Website Copy with Design Suggestions for Boudoir Photography Small Business

Back Cover copy for Young Adult Historical Novel, Blue Thread

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