My Goal is to Simply Be the Best Editor



I enjoy partnering with you to help achieve your goals.

Coming from a teaching background, I discovered my love of publishing during grad school. 

I have a Master of Science (M.S.) in Publishing through Portland State University, Oregon, USA. My wide range of editorial experience includes: trade fiction & non-fiction, educational materials and texts, and copyediting academic articles.


My professional editorial experience began as an in-house position at Ooligan Press where I edited trade fiction and nonfiction of literary and local-interest, and Young Adult. I'm also currently the Associate Fiction Editor of Pangyrus. 

I'm an editor, because I enjoy helping others in their writing journey. The experiences abroad and travel gave me ample opportunities to meet people from all walks of life—which influenced me. When I recall all my experiences abroad and in my home country, USA, I see commonalities of the human experience and human condition. That motivates me to seek out and uncover truth through fiction. 

I'm a third-culture kid. I lived in 5 countries (India, Dubai, U.A.E, U.S., Argentina, Singapore) and traveled to many others. I enjoy reading good books from diverse perspective, watching TV shows like Schitt's Creek, The Boys, Doctor Who, and anything good. I also enjoy baking and yoga.