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I'm an editor, because I enjoy helping others in their writing journey. The experiences abroad and travel gave me ample opportunities to meet people from all walks of life—which influenced me. 

The Pen Life blog captures the universal commonality that I noticed about creatives. Those traits are innate curiosity, sense of adventure and exploration, thinking outside the box as active observers of life.


Life itself inspires. Penning it captures the joys, dips, and mysteries of the creative life. In the blog, you'll find: 

  • Publishing topics

  • Writing advice

  • Writer events 

  • Social commentary of topics, issues, ideas of interest

  • Travel adventures and third culture kid experiences

  • Character Sketch: Candid descriptions of all character sorts

  • Book, film, (and anything) reviews

  • Personal Epiphanies

  • And much more...

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