Let's take our readers places with words

Indu Guzman

You have a message and wrote it down. You did the work. You are pleased with your draft. 

Well-crafted writing transports your readers into your created worlds. Readers may be taken inside the narrator's mind, an unfamiliar culture or era, or where they have the opportunity to experience a different perspective from their own. That's the power of effective writing. 

I truly believe that no one else has your storytelling power. My role as editor is to partner with you, so that your writing takes your readers to the places you want them to go.


Whether it's fiction, nonfiction, instruction manual, conference materials, collaterals, or white papers—the most important aspect is your writing voice. You have a unique voice to convey your message. 

As an editor, I'm here to help your message reach the right audience most effectively through personalized, thorough editing that not only makes sense but also works for you. 

My editing ensures that your manuscript is consistent, clear, concise, and correct—and most importantly sounds like you. 

Since each project is unique with its own needs, I like to first get to know you and hear your vision, ideas, and goals. 

I specialize in editing at all levels from developmental editing, line editing, copyediting to proofreading. I work with self-published authors and authors seeking to polish their writing before submitting to an agent, small to medium business owners, various organizations, and publishers. 

One of my editorial specialties is globalization, editing dialects and nonstandard English, and "translating" between British English and American English (and vice-versa)

I received my Master's in Publishing from Portland State University, Oregon, and have in-house experience in trade publishing. My background is in Education and I'll always be an educator at heart. I enjoy fiction writing and personal essays. 

Check out the Editorial Services that I offer as well as my portfolio and resume. If you're not sure what kind of editing your manuscript needs, let's talk. I'll be more than happy to help you. 

I offer free sample edits (up to 5 manuscript pages or 1,000 words) upon request. Please message me through the form below. 


“Indu edited a novel of mine and I found her to be wonderfully detail-oriented and knowledgeable about editing and book publication. The combination of competence and patience made her a really good person to work with” 

—  Amber Michelle Cook, Author Night of the Victorian Dead 

Contact me for a Sample Edit and Quote 


Every project is unique and customized to the manuscript's needs. So, I'd be more than happy to perform a sample edit. The sample chapter should be the first chapter or section and no more than 5 double-spaced pages (1,000 words). Once I get your message, I'll be in touch about sending the files and details about your editing needs. 

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